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3 reasons to bring the gig economy in-house

The “Great Reshuffle” is not just the latest buzz phrase. It’s a real-world phenomenon impacting organizations and employees everywhere. In 2020, more than half of all LinkedIn users (54%) changed their job title. People worldwide are making life-changing decisions about where and how they want to work – and for who. 

Is it time for organizations to panic, or to innovate?  

LinkedIn CEO, Ryan Roslansky, recently described the time we’re in as an “unprecedented moment in the history of work” – and smart organizations are seizing this moment to explore solutions and approaches they have never tried before.

One area where businesses have been looking for inspiration is the gig economy. We are all familiar with the idea of project-based work delivered by consultants, contingent workers and independent contractors. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork make it possible for companies to increase organizational agility by securing freelance services, often for no more than one or two hours at a time.

Now imagine setting up a similar platform within your organization. First, you’d need an effective platform to identify knowledge experts. Then when an employee needs help, they can easily access the colleague best fit to help complete the task, solve the problem or deliver the piece of work.

This is the kind of in-house gig economy that world leading organizations are currently looking to build. Here are three reasons why we think you should consider it too.

Create an environment attractive to Gen Z and Millennials

A 2018 McKinsey report identified four core behaviors distinguishing Gen Z (roughly those born between 1995 and 2010) workers from previous generations. One of these behaviors is “Communaholic”. Gen Zers, the report found, continually flow between communities and do not distinguish between friends they meet online or in person.

By 2025, these Communaholics will make up an estimated 27% of your workforce. So why not start adapting the way you collaborate in your organization to suit their needs? Creating an enterprise community where colleagues connect based on their experience and knowledge will foster a workplace of collaboration and an environment attractive to the growing population of Gen Z employees. 

Break up silos with an internal Gig approach

Our Productivity Drain Research Report 2021 revealed a growing silo problem at work, with 65% of respondents saying that their ability to ask questions and share knowledge with people in other departments was “excellent” or “good”. Some organizations try to get around the problem by creating squads. While this can increase cross-collaboration, employees still struggle to access the knowledge they need. Especially if it requires reaching out to colleagues outside of their current network.

An internal Gig approach gives workers a direct link to other people in the organization who can help solve the problem, no matter what team or squad they belong to. This not only cuts through existing silos but also fosters a culture or cross-collaboration, creating a more agile workforce.

Unlock your most valuable asset – employee knowledge

Experts estimate that 70% to 90% of all data in organizations is ROT (redundant, outdated or trivial). It’s why employees waste so much time hunting for the answers they need. The average knowledge worker spends an astonishing 36% of their time consolidating and searching for information.

Creating a system that enables employees to identify and collaborate with the right colleagues to solve a business problem fast, will free up their time and increase your organization’s productivity and innovation. Even better, the system can harness and contextualize the massive amounts of data you have in your organization to accurately identify who knows what about what. 

Ready to start thinking Gig?

In most organizations, finding the right colleague to solve a problem takes an average of one to four days. We think it should take just a few clicks. That’s why we’ve developed our new module, Starmind Gigs. Incorporating everything we’ve learned from a decade of building knowledge collaboration products, it recreates the Gig dynamic within your organization and unleashes the power of all your employees. 

Learn more about Starmind Gigs