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Accelerate innovation in R&D and get to market before your competitors

With a modern knowledge management platform, it's easy for your teams to share R&D knowledge across team and geographies, with a direct impact on reducing product or solutions development time. So you can get to market faster, gain first-mover advantages and reduce your R&D costs.

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Innovative organizations using Starmind

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Traditional knowledge management is failing R&D teams.

Innovation is inhibited.

Innovative products are imagined when teams share their knowledge and experiences. But research has shown that up to 80% of knowledge within organizations is undocumented, which means conventional methods of knowledge sharing aren’t working.

R&D teams are wasting time searching for technical information that could easily be provided by a colleague - but often, they don’t know who holds this knowledge. This makes innovation difficult and can increase your time to market.

Work is being duplicated.

Today, many R&D teams are distributed across the globe, which makes communication and collaboration between the different teams within R&D more difficult. Most employees now only talk to their immediate team regularly, which means their knowledge gets stuck in ‘micro silos’.

Sharing best practices and learnings from previous projects is vital for R&D - otherwise, teams end up ‘reinventing the wheel’ as they haven’t learned from their coworkers’ experiences. A lot of time can be wasted duplicating efforts, which lengthens innovation cycles.

Introducing Starmind

Starmind is a modern knowledge management platform that makes the knowledge your organization holds available to your R&D team.

Our platform enables your R&D team to collaborate across continents, so they can create innovative products and get them to market before your competitors.

Watch the video to find out how it works.

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Starmind in action

Many organizations are already using Starmind to get new products to market faster.
Discover how we’re helping these clients...
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“With Starmind there’s connection, there’s engagement, there’s identification of SMEs and there’s learning from others.”

Donna Mann
Director of Knowledge Management at PepsiCO R&D

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“Imagine if 10% or 15% of 100,000 employees around the world found experts in 15 minutes instead of three weeks”

IT Business Partner, Product Development Quality Informatics in Pharmaceutical Industry

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Accelerate R&D cycles

By minimizing the time your R&D employees spend searching for answers by up to 75%, Starmind can enable you to speed up your R&D cycle.

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Get the competitive advantage

When your team can easily access knowledge they can innovate faster, so you can get new products to market quicker and seize first-mover advantages.

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Reduce your R&D costs

Time is money in research and development. Give your employees the knowledge they need to accelerate product R&D, so you can keep your costs down and see revenue sooner.

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