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Starmind for CPG

Make the most of your organization-wide expertise, eliminating duplication of efforts for accelerated innovation and growth.

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Streamline new product development

Access a centralized platform to quickly connect researchers and other experts across your organization to solve complex problems, reduce errors and learn from past projects in real time.

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Accelerate the pace of innovation

Stay ahead of market trends by seamlessly connecting experts around the globe, including marketing, research, supply chain and everything in between.

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Eliminate duplication of efforts

Connect researchers with in-house expertise and findings that may be otherwise unknown to them.

CPG teams around the world trust Starmind


"Starmind is really about us sharing our tacit knowledge, and there are really multiple benefits for that. For the individual, it’s about building your professional brand and being known for the work you do and the knowledge that you have. For the directors and managers, it allows teams to search, share and collaborate globally. For R&D, it’s about capturing the associate’s technical knowledge that helps today, share and pay dividends into the future. Using Starmind has enabled us to accelerate this process, and it really helps drive speed to market."  

Donna Mann, Director of Knowledge Management, PepsiCo R&D

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