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Starmind for pharma and life sciences

Make the most of your organization-wide expertise, eliminating duplication of efforts for accelerated innovation and growth.

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Streamline drug discovery

Access a centralized platform to quickly connect the experts on your team to solve complex problems, reduce errors and learn from past projects.

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Accelerate clinical trials

Connect every member of your team with subject matter experts on demand, minimizing duplicate work and increasing innovation.

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Eliminate duplication of efforts

Connect researchers with in-house expertise and findings that may be otherwise unknown to them.

Life science and pharma teams around the world trust Starmind

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“For scientists in our platform, they are not always aware of other scientist working on the same topic from around the world. We need to utilize the knowledge, expertise and experts in our organization. With Starmind we are able to make connections, join forces and bring twice the medical advances in half the cost, because we are tapping in the expertise, curiosity and innovated mindset of our employees. The more connections we have the more accelerated the innovation is. With the diversity and backgrounds we bring together, the innovation just explodes.” 

Sebastian Hein - IT Product Manager  at Roche

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