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Everyone's knowledge.
On demand.

Augmented Intelligence that empowers every team member to tap into the collective human intelligence of your organization, in real-time and with the right experts.

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Everyone's knowledge.
On demand.


“Accenture is more productive and innovative by using Starmind.”

Frank Riemensperger

Chairman Accenture, DACH and Russia

"Starmind has been instrumental in helping drive our sales success at ERGO. With over 95% of inquiries being succesfully resolved, it's changed the way we leverage our internal know-how."

Oliver Seibert


“The merger of Telefónica Germany and E-Plus was massive...Understanding the other side’s processes and ways of working is so much easier when Starmind finds the experts for your question right away.”

Ulrike Müller-Froelich


"Starmind is helping us connect our collective intelligence thanks to AI, bringing the best of both systems to the ICRC."

Ernesto Izquierdo

International Committee of the Red Cross

“Anyone can ask anything, and over time, the algorithm learns who is the best person to respond to what kind of query.”

Matt Eastwood

J. Walter Thompson

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How our customers use Starmind

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Sourcing your most trusted internal know-how

Access business-critical knowledge in the minds of employees.
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Supercharging your key customer-facing functions

Leverage every bit of tacit knowledge, at the most critical stages of any deal.
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Identifying your internal subject matter experts in real-time

Bring together the best teams for projects with know-how maps of your organization.
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Busting team and location silos

Enable access to human know-how across teams, departments, and global offices.
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Injecting startup-like agility

Supercharge innovation by connecting the relevant minds in your organization.
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What Starmind does

Through Starmind people consume and contribute knowledge and expertise, making it available in real-time – anywhere – in corporate environments, networks, and communities.

How it works

We connect to all your existing data sources like corporate intranets, Slack, Microsoft Office, and many more. Our cutting-edge AI leverages self-learning neural networks to learn through interactions – in real-time, accessible within your browser or on your mobile.

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