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Building a Future Ready Workforce: The Value of AI-Driven Skills Profiles

Hiring the right talent will ensure your company is well-prepared for the evolving business landscape. This can be done by building a digital culture where employees are equipped with the right technology to make innovative decisions.

Stefan Gass, CMO & Head of Growth at Starmind, recently joined Elissa Tucker, Principal Research Lead at APQC, to discuss the power of Starmind when it comes to helping employees prepare and respond to changing business needs.

Listen to the podcast to find out more about:

  • How Starmind’s platform allows organizations to identify subject matter experts seamlessly using AI technology.

  • The benefits of building real-time skill profiles to harness undocumented knowledge and supercharge productivity.

  • The value of AI technology when it comes to building an effective knowledge-sharing platform that will enhance your employee experience.
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