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Improve sales efficiency to
secure more sales, faster

When potential customers ask questions, your sales reps need to provide speedy answers. Give your salespeople instant access to the information they need through modern knowledge management.

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Innovative organizations using Starmind

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Sales teams waste too much time searching for answers.

Reps can’t respond quickly.

When customers are considering buying from your business, they will have questions for your sales team. Your sales reps may require additional information to effectively answer these questions. How quickly they can access this information can make or break a sale.

But it’s often difficult for salespeople to get the answers they need. Seeking answers from subject matter experts takes so much time that they typically spend just 35% of their time selling. If customer conversations lose momentum while your reps wait for answers, you could lose out to your competitors.

Successes aren’t being shared.

If high-performing sales reps share best-practice behaviors and learnings from previous successes with the rest of their team, the entire team can learn how to secure more sales. Research has shown that sales teams that share best practices achieve around 82% of their sales quota, while those that don’t achieve just 32% of their quota.

Unfortunately, many sales teams find it too difficult to share information on previous successes using traditional knowledge management systems, like wikis and messaging apps.

Drive sales team efficiency with AI

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Introducing Starmind

Starmind is a modern knowledge management platform that makes the knowledge your organization holds available to your salespeople.

This helps to increase sales efficiency, as it means your reps can respond to customer queries quickly. So you can give customers an excellent first impression of your business, and free up your sales team to focus on selling.

Watch the video to find out how it works.

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Starmind in action

Many organizations are already using Starmind to improve sales efficiency.
Hear from our customers...

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“Starmind is a very valuable tool – 
I can get high-quality answers in hours rather than days.”

Michael Wylezek
Account Manager

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“Using Starmind, we crowdsource knowledge from over 10,000 community”

Simon Margulies
Head of Self-Service Solutions
Swiss Re

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Shorten sales cycles

By reducing the time your team takes to respond to potential customer queries, you can maintain momentum and improve your sales cycle time.

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Spend more time selling

Improving sales efficiency also enables your reps to focus on selling,
so they can win more business.

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Increase conversion rates

Improve the customer experience and secure more sales by providing customers with the answers they need quickly.

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