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Connecting the Red Cross: Bringing Together 200+ Global Sites

Leveraging the human intelligence of the ICRC to drive mission-critical success.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is one of the most recognised global humanitarian institutions in the world and a three-time Nobel Prize Laureate. More recently, the ICRC also came runner-up in the "Best Collaborative Tool" category at IntraNET Reloaded Berlin, Europe's biggest global community of intranet & digital workplace leaders.

So what’s the Red Cross doing medalling at technology awards? 

Bridging the knowledge gap of the ICRC

The ICRC operates in global teams across 216 sites, with over 15,000 full-time staff and 17 million volunteers. While collective knowledge of the institution is vast and powerful, knowledge transfer in comparison, has been disparate and broken at times, due to the sheer size and dispersion of the organization to cover such large global territories.

Sprawled all over the globe, the ICRC had no central platform for knowledge exchange.

Imagine an employee runs into a problem, something on a specific issue they haven’t encountered before. While it’s new to them, someone in the organisation is familiar with the subject. In fact, it’s likely that several people are experts on the subject - but how is that single worker supposed to find them to ask the question? 

Enter Starmind

Global experience at the touch of a button

We helped the ICRC leverage its collective intelligence. With our platform and its seamless, tailored integration into the ICRC's work environment, we enabled the organization to discover and connect its experts. 

“Starmind is helping us connect our collective intelligence thanks to AI, bringing the best of both systems to the ICRC.” - Ernesto Izquierdo, International Commitee of the Red Cross

Where previously workers had to reinvent the wheel for themselves, they now have a portal to the mind and experience of every other employee within the ICRC. Before officially launching Starmind, all the questions were answered from HQ in Geneva. Now, a peer-to-peer network is in place where questions and answers are created worldwide, connecting people and knowledge across regions and hierarchies. They can now collaborate in a much more agile and effective manner. 

In fact, 70% of all questions posed by ICRC staff are answered in less than 24 hours. Getting answers is great, but the true value of this platform is in the time gained as employees get the right answers to their problems much faster. With these time savings, workers can now dedicate their time and focus to other high-impact work that may be more time-critical, like providing protection and support to people in immediate need.

Above all else, Starmind values customer-driven innovation, and the ICRC has made a huge effort to connect the people in their organization to help them realise their full potential. We are proud to serve the ICRC in creating this global community, one that keeps growing and giving back to the world, and we hope our contribution will help them to accomplish even more. 

To learn more about our technology and how we are helping businesses utilise their collective knowledge, visit this page