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Swiss AI Pioneer Starmind Launches StarGPT



Swiss AI Pioneer Starmind Launches StarGPT: Unleashing Enterprise-Grade ChatGPT with Company Data and Realtime Human-Verification: 
Zurich, Switzerland  July 4 — Starmind, a Swiss pioneer in enterprise artificial intelligence (AI), has unveiled its newest product, StarGPT: A secure, ChatGPT-like AI working with a company’s own data, able to instantly get the right human expert into the conversation to verify, correct or build on machine generated content.

In a world where technology advancements are occurring at lightning speed, businesses are struggling to find the balance between swift AI responses and the reliability of human expertise. While AI can provide immediate answers, the risk of reasonably sounding yet inaccurate information poses a significant challenge, especially for business-critical queries. Being able to bring the right human expert into the conversation very quickly becomes a necessity. 
StarGPT, built on Starmind’s proven real-time expertise directory, used by some of the largest organizations in the world, is solving this challenge. The unique capability ensures the output is consistently reliable, fostering an ever-improving cycle of knowledge refinement.

StarGPT was first introduced to existing Starmind customers as a pre-release on June 29, and the official launch is set for July 11. This innovative solution has already demonstrated its effectiveness with a selection of test customers. Leveraging pre-existing integrations and the readily available data from the Starmind product, StarGPT offers a smooth and straightforward installation process, making it a plug-and-play addition for existing customers.

Starmind has devoted substantial resources to ensure that each client's specific data remains exclusive to them, effectively quelling common concerns around potential data leakage often associated with generic GPT platforms.

About Starmind
Starmind, headquartered in Switzerland, specializes in enterprise AI. Their flagship offering is the creation and maintenance of real-time expertise directories with an integrated Q&A function. Serving Fortune 500 companies and used in over 135 countries, Starmind's solutions are employed across a variety of sectors for tasks such as sales enablement, R&D acceleration, peer-to-peer assistance, and the reduction of load on internal shared service centers.

Starmind has offices in the New York, NY and Zurich, Switzerland. For more information, go to

For more information please contact Starmind’s team:

Starmind AG
Mühlebachstrasse 162-164
8008 Zurich

Tel: +41 58 590 80 00


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