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Revolutionize the future of workforce planning with AI and receive a FREE company-wide skills assessment

Identifying and developing the right skills and intelligence is critical to the success of every organization. Today businesses have a wealth of public information about their employees’ skills and expertise stored within workplace tools. Although abundant, this valuable data has been traditionally difficult to access at scale. 

Typical ways of capturing employee knowledge and skills include employee assessments, surveys and interviews but these methods are quickly outdated, unreliable and time-consuming to process. Failing to map employee skills means businesses cannot take a data-driven approach to workforce planning which leads to incomplete or inaccurate decision making.

To maintain a long-term competitive edge in a fast-paced digital landscape, businesses must be able to align key company goals with talent development plans. This kind of strategic workforce planning requires an innovative method of capturing employees’ skills and expertise that is automated, insight-orientated and real-time. Identifying and nurturing critical skills as well as understanding where skill gaps and strengths lie provides organizations with the crucial opportunity to future-proof their workforce.

Starmind is determined to solve this challenge and provide organizations with a fast, scalable and relevant solution to capturing knowledge and skills. We’re inviting six innovative organizations to join us on the journey to revolutionize how skills and skill profiles can transform the future of an organization. 

We’ve chosen to partner with ambitious organizations whose expertise, input, experience and identified challenges will be the cornerstone of fine-tuning a solution that addresses how skills and skill profiles are used within an organization. 

What to expect:

  • Free skills assessment of your company or team - identify the strengths and opportunities within your workforce
  • A solution tailored to your needs - our partnership will be designed to build an AI-powered solution specifically tailored to your workforce planning needs that will proactively tackle your organization or team’s unique challenges.
  • An opportunity to shape the future of workforce planning - collaborate on new approaches to address common skills and talent challenges with a group of the field’s leading experts and innovators.
  • Actionable insights and solutions for individualized career coaching - give your employees or team the data-based insight they need to maximize their learning curve and achieve personal, professional and organizational goals

Next steps:

  • A short application - answer a few questions to help us make sure we can meet your needs
  • We’ll be in touch - once you’ve completed the application, a member of our team will be touch with the next steps
  • Ask us anything - if you have questions or would like more information about the program, please contact us at

To partner with Starmind in shaping the future of workforce planning with AI, apply here. 

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