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The award-winning innovation that’s helping define the future of work



We are proud to announce that Starmind recently received the prestigious Zukunft Personal (ZP) HR Innovation Award 2020. The ZP award, which recognizes the achievements of innovators in the HR industry, named Starmind  the Transformation & Consulting category winner.

When revealing Starmind as an HR transformation 2020 winner, ZP highlighted that the companys solution allows organizations to create “a unique intelligence network that increases the productivity of employees and the entire company.”

"We are honored to receive the HR Innovation Award 2020. We look forward to continuing to use Starmind to help make human potential visible, enabling employees and companies to be agile and productive."
Marc Vontobel, CEO & Co-Founder, Starmind

Innovation for the future of HR

Starmind’s award-winning innovative solution, powered by human-inspired AI,  uncovers  employees’ expertise and knowledge, provides fast access to experts and crowdsourced know-how and enables real time knowledge sharing at scale.  By identifying experts and making their expertise readily available to all employees, Starmind unlocks organizations’ collective intelligence, enabling employees to work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively.

Making up-to-date expert knowledge accessible and transparent  has a real impact on productivity, agility and employee effectiveness. Swisscom, for example, calculates that Starmind has helped it save more than CHF 3 million a year through improved productivity.

Starmind’s ability to improve employee engagement is of particular relevance to modern HR strategy. By removing common barriers to knowledge sharing most large enterprises face and breaking down internal silos, Starmind enables employees to share their expertise, access co-workers know-how and participate in solving business-critical challenges across hierarchies, locations and teams.  

Employees who feel their company is making the best use of their skills and knowledge, are more likely to stay engaged, which leads to even greater productivity. According to a Gallup study, engaged employees also are much more likely to stay with their employers.

“In high-turnover organizations, highly engaged business units achieve 24% less turnover. In low-turnover organizations, the gains are even more dramatic: Highly engaged business units achieve 59% less turnover."
- Gallup

Bolstering employee engagement and increasing productivity will be vital factors in successfully navigating the challenges in the current world of work and the anticipated future of a post-COVID landscape.

Helping HR leaders deliver transformation strategies

Starmind builds a “collective know-how platform” that documents and retains expert knowledge, so specialist expertise is always accessible, even when employees leave the business. All large enterprises have a constant turnover of employees. Employees share their knowledge on various enterprise tools, but that undocumented expertise is lost when they leave the organization.

Corporate knowledge is dynamic – it changes over time – which is why Starmind constantly learns where expertise resides within the organization and what information should be retained, updated, or, ultimately, forgotten by the corporate brain.

In addition, by increasing the visibility of experts throughout the company, HR can quickly  bring together the best mix of experts to form agile project teams and enable cross-functional collaboration, saving thousands in lost projects, ineffective staffing or outsourcing talent already available within the company.

Starmind is delighted to be recognized by ZP for its innovative AI solution that is contributing to HR transformation and improving the way we work for both businesses and employees. While enabling employees to be more productive and collaborative, Starmind also empowers HR to understand the talent in the organization, accelerate onboarding and learning, and help the business transform.

Learn more about Starmind

Watch this short video to discover how Starmind can help you enable HR transformation and support business transformation by turning individual expertise into collective intelligence.

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