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How we use AI in knowledge management


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The field of artificial intelligence (AI) combines insights from computer science, neuroscience, statistics, and linguistics to create computer programs that simulate or mimic human intelligence. Our knowledge management platform uses human-centric patented AI to make your enterprise's knowledge and people more visible and accessible.

Your employees shouldn't be spending countless hours searching for the knowledge - or people - they need to complete their business tasks. With AI, modern knowledge management can relieve the stresses of trying to find answers and identifying the right colleague to help solve a problem.

We combine state-of-the-art methods from AI research so your organization can work smarter, increase productivity, and remain competitive.

How does AI impact knowledge management?

The workplace and knowledge management have gone through changes throughout the years, but traditional knowledge management has remained rooted in documentation. However, the major shift to hybrid and remote working has revealed the gaps in existing practices. AI will not only close these gaps, but it will change how you manage knowledge.

Knowledge management is shifting from documentation to knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Benefits of implementing AI in knowledge management

Depending on the technology and the data collected, the benefit and value of AI depend on the specific application. 

With our knowledge management platform, Starmind's AI enables organizations to benefit from:

A real-time knowledge network

Imagine knowing everyone in your organization and being able to reference the knowledge and experience that they hold. When faced with a problem, you would know exactly who to ask - solving problems in record time and quickly becoming the most productive person in your organization. But, even in a start-up or small organization, this feat is impossible. Employees aren't static. They're constantly gaining new knowledge and experience, and workers come and go. So, what happens in your 20,000+ person company that spans the entire globe? 

Unfortunately, most of your organizational knowledge goes unknown and untapped. 

But with Starmind's AI, your organization's entire knowledge network is mapped out in real-time. Employees can accurately identify the subject matter experts in your company in seconds. The platform learns with every interaction, and your knowledge network becomes more robust. 

In addition, Starmind can integrate with your organization's existing data sources. Data source integrations allow the AI to learn from data your company is already creating so your organization can start building its knowledge network ASAP. Employees can experience the platform's value from day one, without relying on them to build something from scratch or require a developmental period.

Easy knowledge delivery

Traditional knowledge management platforms like wikis or knowledge bases require a lot of employee hours to be effective. Subject matter experts (knowledge holders) are burdened with creating comprehensive content and maintaining their respective areas of knowledge in the base on top of their everyday work. Employees with questions (knowledge seekers) are stuck sifting through the organization's internal knowledge base, trying to find the answer. If they don't find it there, they're stuck trying to find who the best person to answer their question is. 

Starmind's AI allows for easy knowledge delivery. Your employees can access and share knowledge in a simple Q&A format. 

Employees can type their questions into the platform, and one of three scenarios happens:

  1. Their exact question has already been asked and answered.

     They find the answer to their question, and their search is over.

  2. Our AI has recognized similar questions and automatically populates them to eliminate redundancy and provide answers fast.

     After reviewing, they have found the answer in one of the similar questions and their search is over.

  3. The answer to their question does not yet exist. So they submit their new question - anonymously - through Starmind. Meanwhile, our AI has already determined the subject matter experts best fit to answer the question and a reliable answer is submitted.

    Result: The question is answered promptly, the knowledge has been captured, and it is now available for future use. Their search is over.

Starmind's ability to provide bite-size knowledge to your employees makes the knowledge delivery process easy for employees, whether they are searching or sharing knowledge.

Finding (subject matter) experts

As previously mentioned - employees aren't static - so our AI works hard to accurately identify your employees and their expertise in real-time. It learns from their interactions on the platform and through connected data sources and integrations. When learning and understanding who the subject matter experts are on specific topics, our AI considers data from connected sources and integrations, questions asked, answered questions, answer ratings, recommendations, job titles, and more. 

Teams and individuals can collaborate more effectively when your organization's experts are made visible. Questions are answered and resolved quicker because Starmind notifies the right person ASAP. And employees are recognized for the value and knowledge they bring to your organization. 

Knowledge tailored to individual preferences

As your employees interact with Starmind, it builds connections and understands how they use Starmind and for what. Curating the knowledge on their feeds and tailoring it to their individual preferences. 

For example, Sales individuals who are constantly staying up to date on product updates and added features will most likely have a feed with a strong emphasis on product updates and questions.

Knowledge tailored to each employee's preferences keeps them engaged with the information they find interesting and valuable to their work and helps reduce information overload. Tailored knowledge also ensures that employees aren't bombarded with push notifications every time an employee has a question. Only employees who are deemed as subject matter experts on a given topic are notified of respective questions, and once the question is answered, the knowledge is stored for future reuse. Tailored knowledge ensures that every employee interaction with Starmind is as effective and efficient as possible.

Breaks down language barriers

Language is one of the most complex silos for organizations to break through. In the past, employee interactions were limited between people who speak a common language or if a translator was present.

With the advancements in technology, and more work happening in the digital workplace, the languages we speak should no longer be a barrier. Our powerful AI can process and translate over 16 languages, enabling your employees to collaborate and share their knowledge - even if they speak different languages.

An AI-powered Expertise Directory empowers your workforce

An AI-powered expertise directory acts as a repository of information in general, one that can be consulted and dug through. In fact, the
right AI-powered expertise directory can cut the time sales reps spend looking for answers by 75% on average. What’s crucial about an AI-powered expertise directory like Starmind’s is that, if the answer or
information doesn’t exist, the system puts the seeker in touch with an expert who can provide it.

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