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Report: Improve win rates with an AI-powered sales team

Pharmaceutical R&D is an exciting field but complex, expensive and uncertain. Researchers can spend years discovering, formulating and testing drugs and treatments, all without the certainty that the final product will gain approval and go to market. 

Fortunately, recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are helping researchers accelerate the drug discovery process, improve clinical trials and reduce costs.

This guide discusses how AI is supercharging pharmaceutical companies — and how you can leverage the power of AI to improve performance.

The latest Starmind research report, The High Cost of Inaccessible Knowledge, reveals the extent to which time is wasted and business opportunities are lost, as a result of inadequate and old-fashioned knowledge management practices.

For its research, conducted in July 2022, Starmind engaged with 1,400 respondents in the UK, the US, Switzerland and Germany. Each respondent is a full-time knowledge worker at a company with over 10,000 employees.

This executive summary captures key learnings from the survey, as they pertain to the UK market, and the ways in which business leaders can unlock multiple corporate benefits, ranging from increasing the time spent on the real tasks they need to complete, to more sales, and faster product and service evolution.

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How Secure AI Transforms the Flow of Work for Enterprise Organizations

Available on-demand

2023 is the beginning of the end for search. AI and machine learning are transforming the way we work. But with such rapid acceleration, how can you know that today’s models will provide secure, accurate information in the future? For enterprise organizations with extensive internal knowledge and experienced team members, this is an even greater challenge. 

Accessing company knowledge used to require burdensome documentation or searching endlessly for answers without any guarantee of success, even when using powerful search engines. Now, AI-powered tools such as GPT offer the potential for real-time answers to specific questions without having to sift through results. But while GPT focuses on static documented information, enterprises also need AI solutions that specialize in undocumented, dynamic information.

In this webinar with Starmind founder and CEO Marc Vontobel and Chief Customer Officer Ronan Kirby, they’ll discuss how secure AI will effortlessly connect your teams to the information they need and improve performance for the enterprise. You’ll come away with a better understanding of: 

  • What security and compliance features to look for when considering enterprise AI-based software.
  • What comes after GPT in integrating AI into the flow of work.
  • What GPT can and can’t do.
  • Why it’s more essential than ever that your IP is protected.

Watch today to learn how to review and compare AI options that make the most sense for your company.  


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Improve win rates with an AI-powered sales team

The knowledge, data and expertise to enable sales often exists within the seller’s business already. However, not all sales organizations have systems that enable easy access to this content or expertise. If they take too long to find it, they risk losing the deal.

In this report, you’ll learn how AI-powered expertise directories are empowering sales enablement by linking sales organizations to the insights they need to increase win rates.

Download the report to learn‌:

  • Why sales teams must put enablement first.
  • How to build the sales team of tomorrow.
  • What an AI-powered expertise directory for sales looks like.
  • The benefits of enabling sales with AI.

Plus: Learn how Dräger uses Starmind’s AI-powered expertise directory to make it faster and easier to access detailed specialist expertise from across the global enterprise.

Get up to speed today on making AI and sales a winning combination.

Improve win rates with an AI-powered sales team

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