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A Human-Centric Knowledge Management Strategy for the Digital Workforce

Knowledge, as an asset, hides in many corners of organizations. However, the majority of an organization’s available knowledge goes unknown and untapped because it remains in the minds of employees. Imagine the competitive advantage an organization would have if they could identify, capture, and reuse the valuable tacit knowledge of all subject matter experts within the company.

This checklist report reveals how human-centric knowledge management allows organizations to better leverage their enterprise knowledge in the digital workplace by:

  • Identifying subject matter experts across the entire organization
  • Connecting employees and improving cross-functional collaboration
  • Reducing the time spent searching for answers by 75%
  • Increasing knowledge capture and reuse so knowledge can flow freely

Discover valuable insights on the power of modern knowledge management and how your organization can leverage more of its internal knowledge to gain a competitive advantage. Don't get left behind, download your copy!

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