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The High Cost of Inaccessible Knowledge

68% of C-level executives identify knowledge silos as a core enterprise challenge, alongside macro-economical threats such as economic and market downturns. The cost of inaccessible knowledge starts at $71M, however business impact is much broader. 

We surveyed knowledge workers across companies with more than 10,000 employees to surface poor knowledge management threats. Project delays, slower time to market, missed deadlines for proposals and unnecessary helpdesk costs are part of the consequences of limited access to knowledge. 

Key insights include:

  • Employees lose one hour 42 minutes each day with searching for information they need to complete a task
  • More than two-thirds of R&D teams say projects have been delayed due to missing information
  • Over 50% of sales and business development professionals say they would sell more if they had better access to company information
  • Weekly helpdesk tickets create upwards of 36,000 hours of extra work each week 

Read the report to learn how to evolve your knowledge management strategy to meet the demands of the modern digital workplace.

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