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Improve win rates with an AI-powered sales team

The knowledge, data and expertise to enable sales often exists within the seller’s business already. However, not all sales organizations have systems that enable easy access to this content or expertise. If they take too long to find it, they risk losing the deal.

In this report, you’ll learn how AI-powered expertise directories are empowering sales enablement by linking sales organizations to the insights they need to increase win rates.

Download the report to learn‌:

  • Why sales teams must put enablement first.
  • How to build the sales team of tomorrow.
  • What an AI-powered expertise directory for sales looks like.
  • The benefits of enabling sales with AI.

Plus: Learn how Dräger uses Starmind’s AI-powered expertise directory to make it faster and easier to access detailed specialist expertise from across the global enterprise.

Get up to speed today on making AI and sales a winning combination.

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