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Revolutionizing pharmaceutical R&D:
Harnessing AI to combat escalating costs

In the pharmaceutical sector, R&D teams are constantly working to innovate while maximizing the value of their time and resources. The life-saving potential of new drugs and treatments is undeniable, but pharmaceutical companies face increasing costs and longer development cycle times. Every stage of R&D has experienced rising costs, from discovery through clinical trials to the market.

Fortunately, change is already in motion at leading pharma companies. AI and other disruptive technologies are helping R&D teams streamline and automate drug discovery efforts — and slash costs in the process. 

In this report we explore how pharma companies are leveraging the power of AI to combat escalating costs in R&D.

Download the report to take a deeper dive into:

  • The research cost conundrum and why it exists.
  • How AI is offsetting drug development costs.
  • The financial benefits of an AI-powered expertise directory in drug discovery.

Plus: Learn how Roche and Merck are using secure AI to transform how they work while reducing costs and fostering innovation.

Download the report today!

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