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3 ways CPG companies can use AI to overcome the biggest R&D challenges

Whether it’s record-breaking consumer demand, supply chain breakdowns, high inflation or ongoing economic uncertainty, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has witnessed seismic shifts in recent years. 

The winners in this economic environment will be the organizations that build decision-making competency, increase speed and agility, and emphasize resilient cost management instead of an obsession with lowest cost. And AI-powered tools will play a critical role in successfully meeting those challenges.

In this guide, we explore today’s biggest R&D challenges and how AI-powered tools such as Starmind help solve them.

Download the guide to learn how CPG leaders are using AI to: 

  • Streamline new product development by quickly connecting researchers and other experts across your organization to solve complex problems, reduce errors and learn from past projects in real time.
  • Accelerate the pace of innovation by seamlessly connecting experts around the globe, including those from marketing, research and supply chain.
  • Eliminate duplication of efforts by connecting researchers with in-house expertise and findings that may be otherwise unknown to them.

Also included: Our proven process for winning buy-in for new AI platforms.

AI for CPG Guide

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