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Empower R&D, Sales, and Help Desk teams with modern knowledge management

For R&D, Sales and Help Desk teams, fast access to reliable and up-to-date information is particularly important for business growth and innovation. Knowledge silos and the lack of access to information and expertise, exacerbated by remote and hybrid work, are potentially catastrophic for business growth, agility, and competitiveness.

Knowledge management needs to keep up the pace with the digital workplace transformation. A modern approach recognizes that information grows too fast to be able to document knowledge as it becomes available and that human knowledge ought to be surfaced and people connected as part of the process.

Join Ross Murray, Starmind New Business Sales Manager, to learn more about how surfacing inaccessible knowledge will:

  • Help R&D bring products to market sooner by identifying and leveraging  existing intellectual property in the organization
  • Empower your sales team to win more deals, close them faster, and unburden internal experts
  • Reduce the pressure and cost of your Help desk by empowering employees to self-resolve questions

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