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How to harness the power of AI to increase competitiveness and cut R&D costs in CPG

2023 has been a defining year for artificial intelligence, marked by the rise of ChatGPT. The so-called future of work is fast approaching many industries, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) is no exception. In fact, many aspects of it are already in play. 

In this webinar, we identify opportunities for companies to gain a competitive advantage through the adoption of AI technologies. We explore how AI solutions can help the CPG industry overcome its traditional innovation challenges, including the potential to implement a real-time, organization-wide expertise directory that combines the speed and scale of AI with the depth, context-specific knowledge, and decision-making skills of human expertise.

During this webinar, you will:

  • - Learn how AI is being used to improve efficiency, cut costs and boost innovation in the CPG industry,
  • - Identify key challenges in consumer goods R&D, plus opportunities to address these through AI,
  • - Discover how an organization-wide expertise directory powered by Starmind’s AI algorithms can help you get new products to market faster while reducing R&D costs. 

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