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Ask any question. Get answers in real-time.

Putting an end to the endless search for information is easy with Starmind. It all starts by posting a question to get you the best answer. Then it's up to Starmind to connect the dots.

The question body allows users to provide more context and details towards identifying the best knowledge experts.

The right question tags are automatically added based on keywords.

Notifications are automatically sent to employees who have the most relevant and most recent knowledge on the topic.

The anonymity of the question's author is guaranteed. We believe in encouraging collaboration based on knowledge.

Ask a question
Share your knowledge

The knowledge of the whole organization at your fingertips

Make your knowledge and expertise available to the whole organization and help co-workers to succeed, move forward and save time.

Foster collaboration
Foster ongoing collaboration on relevant knowledge topics.

High quality
Keep content on your custom knowledge network high-quality through anonymous rating and the possibility to accept the most helpful answer.

Safe knowledge exchange
Create designated verification groups that can mark sensitive information as accurate and up-to-date.

All knowledge. One platform.

Help your organization to find information faster and stay up-to-date with content most relevant to them.

Knowledge spaces
Easily manage multiple large user groups, like departments on the same knowledge network with minimum friction.

Keep content organized with categories and help users find the information they need faster.

Topic subscriptions
Help employees stay up-to-date and see content that's most interesting and relevant to employees through knowledge topics subscriptions.

Organise your knowledge
Find what you need, quickly

Find the information you need, whenever you need it

All questions posted on your self-learning knowledge network are available in your feed. Browse topics and questions there, or directly search for content and knowledge experts by using the search function.

Unleashing the power of connection

Surfacing your employees' knowledge and experience is at the core of Starmind's AI.

Human connection
Starmind learns and builds a smarter knowledge network every day based on the knowledge sharing interactions employees have across apps they already use.

Tools connection
Our integrations allow your employees to directly access knowledge in the places where work happens, within your existing infrastructure.

Capture your knowledge
shares knowledge

Redesign the way your organization shares knowledge

Starmind helps people to break down silos, work together and exchange knowledge more efficiently. Starmind has an impact not just on how individual users work, but also on entire organizations through an increase in productivity, innovation and employee satisfaction. We are committed to transforming the way the world works by freeing expert knowledge for everyone - anywhere they are in your organization.

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