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Seamlessly embedded within Starmind:

StarGPT is the only enterprise-ready Generative AI experience with built-in,  on-demand expert verification.

As a business, you can now use your own private Large Language Model and Generative AI platform, with instant human expert verification to drive faster and smarter decision-making and streamline critical processes across your organization.


Unlocking the pace of AI innovation for your business

Until now, enterprises have been unable to unlock the power and pace that AI brings to the world, due to major security, confidentiality, and trust concerns. StarGPT eliminates these barriers with a seamless and familiar experience for your users.

Smarter decision making
As a Large Language Model (LLM) and Generative AI, StarGPT can instantly access and assess massive volumes of your company data, to make recommendations, provide invaluable insights, and other strategies which might have taken humans months or years to conclude and likely still without considering all the data.

Streamline processes
Unlock the true collective intelligence of your whole organization to de-duplicate and streamline R&D, sales, supply chain management, shared service centers and more.

Outpace the competition
Better strategies, faster insights, instant analytics, and elimination of duplicated efforts are just some of the ways StarGPT helps you get to market ahead of the competition.

Competitive edge
The breadth and speed of AI allows you to instantly uncover much deeper market insights, than were ever possible before - giving you a key edge in your market, now that it can be safely used and trusted, with StarGPT.

Business transformation
Combined with the power of Starmind's AI-powered Expertise Directory, StarGPT provides unparalleled support for large transformation projects, technology deployments, and re-orgs. Ensuring tribal knowledge and expertise remain instantly accurate and available to everyone.

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The Tech Benefits

Human-AI collaborative decision making
The context of your chat with StarGPT is used to identify experts using the Starmind AI and give you the option to invite them to the dialogue to help refine a solution or to verify one for you as accurate. That solution is then stored and marked verified, for others to re-use and benefit from.

Secure & confidential
As a private Large Language Model specifically for your own company, StarGPT ensures sensitive discussions and content stay in-house. Without it, organizations risk exposing important data to the world.

Continuous learning & unlearning
StarGPT keeps up with changes. Without its constant learning (and unlearning) businesses end up basing decisions on outdated information.

Context-aware responses
StarGPT goes beyond simple answers. It provides contextually accurate solutions, avoiding misunderstandings that could lead to misguided strategies.

Enhanced domain expertise
Expert-verified content is used to make AI-generated answers continuously better and more relevant to your company.

How it works

For over a decade, Starmind's real-time, AI-driven, Expertise Directory has been adding value to some of the best-known companies in the world. The patented AI is learning from unstructured data and other sources across your organization, allowing it to present expertise to the people who need it, at the moment it most matters.

Familiar ChatGPT-style interface
With nearly 200 million users on ChatGPT today - almost everybody in your company will be familiar with the interface and how to use it. StarGPT seamlessly embeds this familiar interface directly within Starmind - keeping it simple and intuitive for your employees.

Information sources
The AI for StarGPT can work with a huge array of data sources from across your company. Whether those are static, one-time uploads of a historical body of data or something which needs to be a little more real-time and updated more regularly. Think of the massive bodies of knowledge within your organization and how impactful it could be to make them securely accessible and trustworthy to your employees instantly.

Not another tool
Nobody wants or needs a tool sprawl. Central to Starmind and, by extension StarGPT, is being instantly accessible in the place your users do their work. Users should never have to switch applications or have to think "Where do I go again"? 

Starmind integrates into all of the most common enterprise applications, so it's accessible right there the instant an employee needs it. Whether that's Microsoft Teams, Slack, Sharepoint, Jira, Confluence, your intranet, or virtually any app with an open API. Of course, it has a mobile app too - Starmind and StarGPT are right there with you, no matter where you go.

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Watch the demo webinar

In this recording, the Starmind CEO and co-founder, Marc Vontobel, demonstrates StarGPT and, along with CTO Riccardo Trombini takes questions and answers from the public covering all the burning topics.

You will see...

  • how the platform works
  • how it presents seamlessly within Starmind
  • how the real-time human verification works
  • how your data is completely protected
  • great session for a new Chief AI Officer


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