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Reduce support ticket volumes & speed up time to resolution

Empower your employees to self-resolve technical issues with a modern knowledge management platform. By giving your teams access to the knowledge they need, you can reduce ticket volumes and cut costs.

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Innovative organizations using Starmind

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Service desks are struggling with lengthy ticket queues.

Service support spend is excessive.

80% of service tickets are standard repeatable questions. With these common queries accounting for the majority of the ticketing queue, many businesses are required to allocate a significant budget to service support services.

It also means that service desk employees are often required to resolve the same queries, day in, day out. Understandably, many become frustrated, which can lead to high employee turnover within service teams.

Employees can’t self-resolve issues.

When employees have an issue, they may try to find the information they need to self-resolve. But it can be difficult to find this information in traditional knowledge management systems.

That means it’s usually easier for employees to simply open support tickets instead, adding to already lengthy ticket queues. The only way to reduce support ticket volumes is to reduce the number of tickets raised by giving every employee access to the knowledge they need to be self-sufficient.

Introducing Starmind

Starmind is a modern knowledge management platform that makes your service desk’s knowledge available to everyone.

Your teams can instantly access existing answers to similar questions or have their question sent to a subject matter expert anonymously, enabling them to self-resolve common issues. This minimizes the number of tickets raised, reducing the burden on your service desk.

Watch the video to find out how it works.

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Starmind in action

Many organizations are already using Starmind to enhance self-service and accelerate time to resolution.
Hear from our customers...
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“Using Starmind, we crowdsource knowledge from over 10,000 community members across the globe. This enables our employees to get fast answers to their day-to-day questions from experts throughout Swiss Re, while being able to focus their energy on their jobs.”

Simon Margulies
Head of Self-Service Solutions, Swiss Re

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“Starmind has provided an excellent opportunity for us to foster community-driven thinking, crowd-sourced know-how, and implicit knowledge exchange.”

Matthias Hunzinger
Digital Experience Manager, Swisscom

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Reduce support ticket volumes

By connecting your teams with the answers they need and the best people to answer their questions, you empower them to self-resolve issues without opening tickets.

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Accelerate time-to-resolution

With a shorter ticketing queue, your service team should be able to resolve the tickets that do arise more efficiently.

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Reduce cost-per-ticket

Stop spending more on support services than you need to be. By improving your service desk’s efficiency, you’ll see your cost-to-resolve fall significantly.

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