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The Powerful Connectors

In another big update, we have implemented key connectors for Starmind. Why are connectors so important for Starmind?

"Simply put, software connectors perform transfer of control and data among components." In our case, the connectors enable us to tap into various applications and their data sources outside of Starmind. As a result...

...user skill profiles can be created or enriched with additional information from other applications

...the expert recommendations are improved and first-time users can be recommended based on their profile

...and the admin does not have to manually fill in data anymore.

By integrating information from other applications, Starmind can automatically create expertise profiles about the user on the platform. Consequently, Starmind can make better expert recommendations for the users from the very start. With this update, you get value faster and first-time users will have an easier start with Starmind, namely because they are correctly identified as an expert on a topic early on. 

In short, we expect this update to lead to more value generation right from the get-go, better expert recommendations, a faster rollout and more initial engagement.

Currently, your admin can activate Slack, Google Calendar, Salesforce Chatter, MS Teams, O365 - Calendar and Facebook Workplace by themselves. Other data sources can be connected upon request.