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Starmind and the Human+ Workforce: Accenture Tech Vision 2019



The post-digital era is upon us. Are you ready for what’s next? 

That is the headline question posed in Accenture’s 2019 Tech Vision report. The report explores the technology trends which are rapidly reshaping society, both in our daily lives and in industry. Digital businesses were recently groundbreaking. Today, those which haven’t embraced digital are archaic. Accenture explains that this lightning-fast progression of technology-driven changes is ushering us into a new post-digital era. 

Starmind’s industry-leading work is featured in the report as a demonstration of how a focus on the human workforce, not just raw technology, will “separate the winners from the losers in the post-digital age”. The central theme of the report is change. Change in relationships. Change in business practices. Change in how we use technology in every aspect of our lives. 

Change from human to human+, and how Starmind’s technology is paving the way there.

What is a Human+ Workforce? 

In this new post-digital era, the individual is still empowered by the skills and knowledge they possess. But there’s something else: a new, constantly evolving set of capabilities made possible through technology. 

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We are becoming Human+

By focusing on the furious growth of technology itself, many companies have taken their attention off the employees who actually wield it. Businesses are optimized for pre-digital employees; workers who couldn’t have dreamt of the technological partnership they enjoy today. 

Knowledge management and access strategies have also fallen behind. More information is available to workers and organizations than ever in history, but it also much harder to find. 

The result is a disconnect; a digital divide between an organization's people and its collective knowledge.  

How this looks in the real world

Swisscom is a European telecommunications giant. Within their 20,000-strong team was an uncatalogued but immensely powerful stock of knowledge and information. However, working within siloed teams and with limited knowledge distribution, this vast experience was not been accessible to the wider organization. When encountering a problem, team members would use their intuition and research abilities to eventually find an answer. This could take hours, days, or weeks. 

At the same time, there were probably dozens of colleagues across the 20,000 who could provide an answer - possibly a better answer - near instantly. Despite tremendous access to technology, Swisscom could not properly harness its employees’ specialist knowledge.  

Enter Starmind, bridging the gap

Swisscom’s challenge isn’t unique. It’s true of almost every large company in the world today. Its human knowledge is haphazardly distributed across teams, business units, and worldwide offices with no system for accessing this valuable knowledge


So Starmind provided the solution. 

What does Starmind do? 

Starmind creates business value for organizations and individuals by empowering them to leverage the collective human intelligence within their organizations.  

When Swisscom employees have a question or challenge they'd like expertise on, they now turn to Starmind. Our AI-powered solution identifies the relevant experts and automatically shares the inquiry with them. 

how it works

With every team member’s knowledge available on-demand, the majority of queries are answered in less than 2 hours. What might have taken days, and perhaps even have been wrong, is now reliably provided in minutes. 

What’s the result? 

Team members can leverage the time they were losing on finding answers, and instead use it towards applying the knowledge they’ve gained. Concretely, this has led to over $1.4 billion in productivity gains for our customers worldwide. 


Our product has allowed Swisscom to draw on its considerable workforce, armed with an always-evolving set of capabilities, to supercharge its productivity and effectively leverage internal knowledge. 

Accenture reported that: 

“By incorporating its workers’ needs into its technology strategy, Swisscom [through Starmind] has taken a step toward unleashing the full potential of a next- generation workforce—one currently constrained by the very foundations on which it was built.”

Empowering the human+ worker will help organizations drive themselves into the post-digital era. With the right approach, companies can redefine the phrase “organizational knowledge,” making it a true responsibility of the organization itself.

Starmind is making this future a reality. 

Download the report by Accenture. To learn more about our technology and how we are helping businesses utilize their collective human intelligence, visit this page

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