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The world’s leading companies, as well as for-profit and non-profit communities, trust Starmind to bring together their collective human intelligence.

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“The merger of Telefónica Germany and E-Plus in 2014 was one of the biggest mergers in the European Telco market. Starmind - as a part of our new social intranet – turned out to be the perfect solution to create new connections and foster collaboration across the former entities."

Ulrike Müller-Froelich


"Starmind empowers our client-facing team members to connect in real-time with colleagues to get the deal-relevant solutions needed to succeed. The success rate for problems solved is over 95%."

Oliver Seibert


"I remember a year ago, sometimes I would ask a question via email, and wait for months to get a reply... Now we have a system that helps us find answers in record times."

Ernesto Izquierdo

International Committee of the Red Cross

“We want to provide our employees with all the knowledge and expertise they need to constantly improve our underwriting, and to push the boundaries of insurability with innovative products. With the Starmind application we are able to do it.”

Fredrik Theis

Munich Re

"For us, Starmind is groundbreaking software for identifying experts and solving important issues."

Dr. Rainer Seßner

Bayern Innovativ

“We made a big step forward in enabling our people to access each other’s know-how.”

Hans Jörg Limbach


“Starmind is the most efficient way to leverage the intellectual capital of Swiss Sports. There is no better way for us to connect people from different sports, fields of expertise and organizations regardless of time and place.”

Nicole Gassmann

Swiss Olympic