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Swiss Re Empowers Helpdesk Employees by Crowdsourcing Knowledge



Swiss Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurance companies, works across 80 global offices to deliver smarter risk management solutions to their clients. Like many large organizations, their helpdesk deals with time-consuming, repetitive requests that can be very costly.

Even a simple password reset can cost businesses approximately $70, according to Forrester Research1. With Starmind’s cutting-edge technology, organizations like Swiss Re have reduced low-level helpdesk tickets by leveraging and accessing undocumented knowledge, crowdsourcing answers and empowering employees to self-resolve challenges. 

Resolving Challenges Helpdesk Face

Most helpdesks deal with challenges similar to the ones Swiss Re was operating with before implementing Starmind. Tickets and requests are repetitive, time-consuming and they come from multiple channels.

This is understandable in today’s world of work. Employees and organizations use many assorted enterprise tools to collect and store knowledge. The variety of sources can make it difficult for employees to quickly find relevant knowledge, the most up-to-date information or correct experts to self-resolve questions. Complicating things further, only 20% of all organizational knowledge is documented,² while the remaining 80% is implicit knowledge stored in employees’ minds.

The inability to access the right knowledge at the right time forces employees to turn to their helpdesk to resolve issues. Helpdesks, consequently, receive hundreds of low-level, repetitive requests, taking their attention away from more complex tasks. Helpdesk knowledge workers can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of tickets they’re expected to resolve, resulting in longer service times and dissatisfied employees. 

However, with an intelligence platform in place, employees can ask questions in real-time across the entire organization, easily identify experts and access crowdsourced knowledge. 

Unlocking Knowledge With AI Platforms

By implementing Starmind, a human-centered AI platform, organizations like Swiss Re achieve real-time access to undocumented knowledge. This knowledge is stored in a centralized, easy to access and place made available at scale. 

Starmind empowers helpdesk employees to be productive and efficient. The ticketing and helpdesk features remove time-consuming bottlenecks and allows organizations like Swiss Re to be more efficient both internally and for their customers, providing a 131% increase in the number of request answers.

With Starmind, Swiss Re has also seen a 12% drop in tickets with access to crowdsourced knowledge available on the support portal. Employees find fast answers to their queries and resolve issues without needing any human assistance from the helpdesk. As Swiss Re has grown, they've found that their platform's collective knowledge has risen by 76%.

Increase Productivity and Reuse Collective Knowledge                 

The future of work and digital workplaces require innovative solutions that support human capabilities and unlock additional productivity. Human-centered AI can provide employees with access to the knowledge they need to quickly and effectively resolve inquiries. This increases employee satisfaction, effectiveness and business KPIs.

Get in touch with the Starmind team today to explore how your organization can experience the same benefits as Swiss Re.


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2 - Organizational Learning: How Companies and Institutions Manage and Apply Knowledge. By J. Wellman, Springer

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