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IDC Report Highlights Productivity Benefits of Starmind



The International Data Corporation (IDC), an industry-leading research firm, believes that access to the right "skills at the right time will be a key determinant of success for organizations in the decade ahead." 

The IDC’s recent Expert ROI study reveals the immense impact that access to undocumented knowledge and subject matter experts can have on organizations and their employees.

The Challenge Facing Accenture

The IDC report highlights how Accenture successfully provides rapid answers to knowledge worker queries using Starmind. 

Global consultancies, like Accenture, need to move at speed to deliver high-quality projects. This collaborative work has to happen across multiple borders, languages and markets without delay.  

Failing to capture the vast amount of implicit knowledge within an organization inevitably leads to intelligence gaps and silos resulting in drained productivity and strained employee and customer satisfaction.

The solution is a centralized platform that provides real-time access to tacit knowledge and expertise. Employees can quickly and easily access previously undocumented intelligence or identify experts who can provide crucial problem-solving information.

To increase the knowledge sharing between experts and increase the speed to deliver high-quality projects, Accenture chose to implement Starmind.

A purely cloud-based SaaS solution, Starmind was successfully implemented in only six weeks. Starmind offered real-time access to undocumented knowledge, instant identification of experts and the availability of tacit knowledge at scale that the solution provides. 

Starmind empowers employees and gives them the tools they need to be more productive and efficient. The ticketing and helpdesk features eliminate time-consuming bottlenecks and allow organizations to be more efficient both internally and for their customers. 

Accenture enjoyed significant benefits post-implementation, including increased efficiency and productivity of consultants. The IDC report found that, on average, Accenture’s consultants saved five minutes per hour thanks to Starmind. 

How the Starmind Solution Saved Time and Reduced Costs

The data in the IDC Expert ROI study reveals Starmind’s solution enables significant, quantifiable improvements in productivity through time saved and financial cost savings to the business and their external customers. 

With the right knowledge sharing platform in place, organizations like Accenture are able to exchange vital information regardless of location. 

Accenture’s productivity benefits of €1.8 million a year resulted by providing employees and consultants with a way to quickly ask questions, find knowledge and access experts more efficiently and effectively. 

For more information on how organizations like yours can realize the same benefits as Accenture, download the IDC report using the link below.


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