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Learn how Starmind drives success at the world’s top companies with some of our customer’s most common use cases.


Busting team and location silos

Are your team members siloed within teams, functional departments, and local offices? Did your organization recently acquire another company? Divisions, both tangible and intangible, result in inefficient team dynamics, with the same challenges constantly having to be re-solved. Starmind’s solution understands the expertise of individual team members and their willingness to share, driving fast problem solving independent of disparate team cultures and geographic locations.

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Injecting startup-like agility

Employees tend to collaborate with known colleagues on the challenges they face and when looking to innovate, vastly limiting them from tapping into the full human capability of your organization. Starmind’s solution augments their personal map of team members, empowering them to collaborate with the speed and agility of a team huddled around a conference table, but with the scale of your organization.

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Supercharging client-facing functions

Have many team members in your organization dealt with the same client, but with little documentation of the relationships and interactions? Are you offering new products and services that require in-depth technical knowledge to successfully sell? Regardless of the situation, when dealing with clients you want your team members to leverage every bit of tacit knowledge available. Starmind’s solution empowers client-facing team members to connect in real time with deal-relevant colleagues and get the answers and solutions to succeed.

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Source trusted internal know-how

When your business depends on accuracy and compliance, are you willing to risk your organizational reputation based on the limited personal networks of any given employee? To mitigate risk you need to open communication channels across roles and expertise levels, to enable the exchange of best practices and trusted internal know-how. Starmind’s solution increases reliability and reduces risk by looping in the most relevant internal experts.

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Identifying subject matter experts

Does your business success depend on building project teams with the right mix of experts? When the go-to team members are already overbooked, you need a continually up-to-date know-how map of your organization to uncover hidden champions. Starmind’s solution enables you to build more effective project teams, faster.

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