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How the world's leading organizations are putting Starmind to work

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Efficient knowledge exchange
Build your own self-learning knowledge network
  • Create a centralized space to share knowledge.

  • Provide accurate, on-demand answers to questions.

  • Empower individuals to solve problems by themselves.

Increase knowledge retention
Hold on to the knowledge that drives your business
  • Document your enterprise knowledge on-the-fly.

  • Make expertise available even after employees leave the company.

  • Reduce the risk of losing skilled employees.

Reduce search time
Free your employees from endless searching
  • Connect questions direct to the people who are best-placed to help.

  • Get immediate access to previously answered questions.

  • Provide fast and specific answers and cut time searching through endless documents.

Find experts instantly
Find the right knowledge at the right time
  • Connect people straight to the right person for their question, wherever they are.

  • Break down silos and connect to people outside of your immediate circle.

  • Expand employees' reach and save time across the business.

On-demand answers for every kind of team

Whatever your department or industry, your team can benefit from fast and accurate access to your organization’s best available knowledge.


Give your sales team instant access to the information and answers they need to close more deals faster, whether they’re responding to RFPs or launching new products.


Speed up time-to-market by helping your R&D team access relevant knowledge and resources — and quickly get new ideas in front of the right people.

Shared Services

Reduce the amount of repetitive tickets in your shared service centers with a dedicated peer-help-peer approach and community help


Give new starters instant access to knowledge and expertise and speed up onboarding — while reducing the burden on experienced employees.

Customer Support

Provide better customer support with easy access to previously answered questions. Save time on new questions by crowdsourcing answers.

Project Staffing

Stop teams wasting time on duplicate projects and make sure every undertaking is staffed by the best-equipped people.

M&A and Cultural Integration

Speed up the post-merger process by making enterprise knowledge available to everyone. At the same time, help long-term employees quickly benefit from newly acquired expertise.

IT Operations

Promote self-sufficiency and help developers solve problems on their own with a single searchable place for how-to guides and tech questions.

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