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Learn how Starmind can help your organization unleash its most valuable resource: employee intelligence.

Identify Expert Intelligence

We enable each employee to identify subject matter experts organization-wide. Our algorithm automatically determines who has what type of expertise and makes this knowledge available on an easy-to-use interface:

  •  Make expert knowledge accessible and transparent
  •  Bust silos and let employees participate in solving critical problems
  •  Form agile customer project teams or internal project teams with the best experts you have in the company
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Access Undocumented Intelligence

Crowdsource answers to business-critical questions and engage employees in solving them. Our user interface enables employees to ask questions and provide answers using AI and gamification:

  •  Increase effectiveness by allowing employees to answer repetitive questions once and make this know-how accessible to everybody
  •  Build and retain a corporate knowledge pool and capture know-how before employees leave
  •  Surface hidden knowledge and make it accessible
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Develop Talent Intelligence

Generate employee and organizational skill profiles that are the foundation for upskilling, re-skilling and workforce planning. Our AI can generate individual profiles for thousands of employees in real-time:

  • Identify skill gaps on an organizational and employee level
  • Build a targeted learning & development plan based on skill maps
  • Generate GDPR and privacy compliant skill profiles at scale
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