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Starmind recognized in international ranking of “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management” for 2020

Starmind, the company solving the talent, intelligence and skill gap challenge, has today announced its selection as one of KMWorld’s 2020 ‘Top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management’. The award celebrates global industry leaders that are addressing the evolving demands and challenges for knowledge management and Starmind joins the ranks of previous recipients including Microsoft, Google and Accenture.

“Knowledge management software and services providers are embracing a fresh wave of technological innovation to address heightened expectations—among both customers and employees—for the right information to be delivered to the right people at the right time,” explains Tom Hogan, Group Publisher at KMWorld. "To showcase organizations that are advancing their products and capabilities to meet changing requirements, KMWorld created the annual list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management."

Starmind utilizes the power of AI plus human interaction to generate live and company-relevant skill profiles that are the foundation for upskilling, re-skilling and workforce planning. Using patented AI technology underpinned by neuroscience, it is helping to unlock staff’s intelligence and expertise and has so far helped to yield over $1.4bn in productivity for its customers.

Oliver Muhr, CEO of Starmind, commented: “We’re thrilled that KMWorld recognizes that knowledge management should strike a balance between AI’s role in tackling and automating global workplace challenges while remaining committed to enhancing, not replacing, human capabilities.

Today, we are entering a new era for knowledge management, one that must be focused on unlocking collective human intelligence. Currently, just 20% of business intelligence is documented and accessible—the rest resides in employees' brains, untapped and unused.

Starmind’s AI-powered, human-first platform, enables organizations to access collective intelligence and supercharge workforces. We’re honored that these capabilities were recognized by KMWorld’s award, and we look forward to working with more businesses to boost productivity, address skill gaps and ultimately grow.

For more information on how Starmind’s patented AI platform can unlock collective intelligence, visit: