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How Will Digital Education & AI Impact Economies, Societies, and Work 4.0

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The rise of digital education has accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations need to use innovative solutions to ensure employees can continue to teach, learn and adapt to working life in the new normal.In this panel discussion, CEO and Co-Founder of Starmind, Marc Vontobel, is joined by Sergio Fasce, Corporate Executive at Nokia, Michelle Mitura, Head of HR Headquarters at 

Schindler Aufzüge AG and Jan Mischke, Partner at McKinsey Global Institute. During the talk, they discuss how your organization can leverage AI to capture the collective knowledge of your employees and ensure they continue to make effective decisions during this new way of working. Learn more about:

  • The impact augmenting human knowledge can have on your organization and elevate the experience of your employees.
  • The benefits of capturing employee knowledge at scale and creating a culture of knowledge sharing using AI.
  • How organizations can leverage AI to keep up with the accelerated growth of digital education in the workplace 

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What is a corporate wiki?

A corporate wiki, also known as an enterprise wiki, is a knowledge management system that provides a central location where your company can collect, capture, and update organizational knowledge.

As an internet user, the chances are high that you’ve used Wikipedia to find and acquire information and knowledge. Corporate wikis are comparable because they use similar technology and processes for people to collaborate and share their knowledge. The main difference is that corporate wikis are confined to the people within your organization.

Wikis have been a favored solution for knowledge management because every employee has the ability to read, edit, and contribute new content and knowledge. Plus, they're relatively easy to use. If employees can create a word doc, they’ll have no issue contributing to a wiki. But, if you’ve already used a corporate wiki before, you’re probably familiar with the challenges they can bring and are ready for a more effective way to manage knowledge.

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