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The ROI problem of traditional knowledge management

Traditional knowledge management relies heavily on documented knowledge which slows down productivity and leads to increasingly frustrated employees in large organizations. Did you know, 70-90% of data is redundant, outdated or trivial? If previous workplace interactions partially filled the gaps in knowledge management, then the shift to hybrid work has only broadened the corporate-wide knowledge blindspot. Business leaders need to consider reshaping knowledge management and focus on accessing and retaining employee knowledge while improving the enterprise's bottom line.

Ross Murray, New Business Sales Manager at Starmind, joined LaShawn Fugate of KMWorld for this on-demand webinar discussing the ROI problem of traditional knowledge management and:

  • The downfalls of traditional KM and the risks it poses
  • The modern KM “puzzle pieces,” based on Forrester sponsored report
  • How enhancing employee knowledge sharing and collaboration can lead to measurable ROI

Reshape KM and maximize ROI - Watch webinar