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Hitachi Democratizes Knowledge to Build a Life-long Learning Culture

Every organization’s success depends on its ability to keep customers satisfied and meet their expectations in a timely manner. Knowledge silos and inaccessible knowledge don’t just harm productivity but threaten the customer facing teams’ ability to be agile and work independently.

What if they could tap into the expertise and best practices of the entire organization wherever and whenever they need it?

Join Marc Vontobel, Starmind Founder and CEO, and Ilija Mrvelj, Head of Strategy PMO Business Unit Grid Integration at Hitachi Energy, to learn how democratizing knowledge helps to create a more open and inclusive work environment and can level up your customer-facing teams.

  • Get 285% ROI within 2 year by leveraging the collective knowledge
  • Grant fast access to answers and people and contribute to the company’s knowledge management
  • Unlock the undocumented tacit knowledge hidden in our organization's expert pool

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