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The Magical Translation Button

Starmind introduces: The Multilingual Translation Button

A key benefit Starmind offers to organizations is that it busts silos by bringing together the collective intelligence of people across different departments, positions and geographical locations. On average, over 70% of the answers on Starmind are given by team members in another location.

Two months ago, we took an important leap forward in serving Starmind's global user base by adding Chinese as a language to all of our networks. Since then, our algorithms recognize both Traditional and Simplified Chinese to support our Chinese users fully.

Now we’re taking another important step towards making content on Starmind accessible to more users:  The Integration of the Multilingual Translation Button.

see translation

With this integration, you can translate any of the 5 UI languages shown below into the UI language of your choice with a click of the button.

languages starmind

This means that you can effortlessly read the high-quality questions and answers on your platform even if they are written in a language you don't understand. Simply click on the button and the text gets converted to your UI language of choice.

Starmind supports both Google Translate and DeepL (default) as translation providers. The admin of your network can choose which service is used for your Starmind platform.

We are happy and excited to bring you a feature that makes the knowledge exchange in your organization even more efficient and which will enable more people to be fully included in your network. This update is a big step for us towards making the full knowledge in your organization accessible to everyone.