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Human-Centric Knowledge Management, the solution leaders need to accelerate time-to-market

As a business leader in a competitive industry, you already know that speed-to-market is a critical differentiator. Your organization’s success depends on your ability to deliver new innovative products or solutions, and inaccessible knowledge threatens to slow down your productivity and cross-functional collaboration. Human-centric knowledge management is the solution your organization needs in the post-pandemic digital workplace.

Barry Byrne, Novartis Head of Global Knowledge Management Strategy, joined Marc Vontobel, CEO of Starmind, for this on-demand webinar discussing how AI-powered knowledge management can accelerate time to market by:

  • Enabling cross-functional collaboration  
  • Breaking down geographical, departmental, and hierarchical silos 
  • Accessing and retaining tacit knowledge to engage the expertise of all employees fully
  • Improving productivity and speeding up the release of new products or solutions to solidify your market first advantage

Barry reveals why Novartis continues to choose Starmind, growing their platform from 2,000 users to 40,000 and scaling their internal knowledge network. Learn even more about the tactical and tangible impacts of a modern knowledge management platform with the live Q&A at the end.

Novartis unleashes the power of its people by connecting them - Watch webinar