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Insights into Intelligent Search

Putting the Pieces Together for Intelligent Search
By Marydee Ojala, Conference Program Director, Information Today, Inc.
I find some interesting parallels between jigsaw puzzles and intelligent search. The other day I saw an off the mark cartoon that summed it up. A puzzle piece is asked by the man sitting next to him what he’s doing there. “Driving someone crazy right now,” the puzzle piece responds. That’s exactly how employees feel when they can’t find the information they need. Read more…

Supercharge Your Organization With Intelligent Search
 By Stefan Gass, Chief Marketing and Growth Officer, Starmind
According to The Economic Times, the average employee spends 25% of their time searching for the knowledge and expertise they need to do their job. In an age of lightning-fast technology, intuitive collaboration tools and rapid data analysis, this inefficiency seems absurd. But, in modern organizations, often made up of numerous siloed departments, knowledge-sharing poses a major challenge. Read more…

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