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GBS/SSC Challenges and Opportunities -Digital Natives and a New Generation of Work

It’s crucial for organizations to create a digital culture to adapt quickly and succeed in the new digitally-enabled work environment. This means learning new skills and embracing technology such as AI and automation.

Stefan Gass, Starmind’s CMO & Head of Growth, recently joined a panel of experts to discuss how digital transformation is shaping the future working environment and the key areas organizations must focus on to succeed.

Watch this expert discussion for insight on:

  • How your organization can ensure they’re attracting and hiring the right talent as the digital climate continues to evolve.
  • Guidance on setting up digital offices where your employees can collaborate, drive positive results and embrace new technology.
  • How to create a digital culture and the value this can have on your workforce and the whole organization.
  • The impact automation will have on the future of working environments and how leveraging an AI platform like Starmind can make this possible.
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