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Leverage Starmind AI at communities worldwide

The ultimate way to supercharge your community is to unlock your organization’s knowledge. Looking for the keys to kick start this?

At Starmind, we’re honored and humbled to work with organizations making a positive impact on the world. And we’re ready for more! We’re looking for organizations who want to leverage AI technology to connect their people to knowledge, so they can focus on their most mission-critical work and serve growing communities better. Faster. In real time.

From humanitarian organizations providing aid and relief, to groups of innovators bringing people together to build life-changing products... Starmind helps you by unleashing your organization’s collective human intelligence. Check out our newly-launched Communities page explaining the most common use cases our customers like The International Red Cross, UN-backed RiskTalk, Swiss Olympic, and DS21 experience everyday. If you want to learn how Starmind is helping others, you can set up a quick call with our Community experts to learn best practices and innovative ideas for community growth!

Interested in powering-up your community and unlocking your organization’s knowledge today? Learn more at