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Starmind awarded patent for cutting-edge AI

Congratulations to the ⭐ Starmind AI team ⭐ for the patent awarded (U.S. Patent No. 10,223,646 B1) for their cutting-edge work!

The patent, which is officially titled "MACHINE LEARNING APPROACH FOR QUERY RESOLUTION
VIA A DYNAMIC DETERMINATION AND ALLOCATION OF EXPERT RESOURCES" recognizes the unique solution that Starmind AI provides in regards to efficient query resolution. Key aspects of Starmind that are recognized by the patent include:

  •  User queries get routed to the correct expert, who can then provide a solution
  •  The determination of who is a suitable expert is done using intelligent algorithms
  •  Starmind's algorithms learn in a continuous and dynamic manner who is an expert on what 
  •  Starmind understands if a similar query was asked and answered in the past
  •  Starmind can distinguish between who is interested in a topic versus actually being an expert on a topic
  •  Starmind can learn and adapt to organization specific vocabulary

Special congratulations to Stijn, Joachim, and Marc for their work in this area!