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Keynote speech: How AI is Changing the Future of Your Work

Presenter: Euan Davis, Assistant VP of Cognizant Technology Solutions

The clickbait media would have us believe that AI is a job destroyer. The truth is much more nuanced than that. Yes, some human labor will be replaced by software and machines, but AI will also create new work. And, most importantly, CHANGE all work. In this session, Euan Davis, who leads Cognizant's Centre for the Future of Work, is your tour guide to the future of YOUR work and provides answers to many of the questions you've been afraid to ask.

Starmind Company Update

Presenter: Marc Vontobel, Starmind Founder and CEO

The need for more remote working can easily result in individuals’ talents going unseen, due to the fact that they’re spending more time in their home offices. Therefore, it’s more important to bring people together than ever before. This is only confirmed by the increased usage of existing Starmind customer networks, as well as that of several recently launched ones.