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Unlock the knowledge
of your Communities.

Supercharge your organization by unleashing internal expertise to full potential, enabling you to focus on making the world a better place. Real-time solutions for real-world problems.

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Unlock the knowledge
of your Communities.

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"Starmind is helping us connect our collective intelligence thanks to AI, bringing the best of both systems to the ICRC."

Ernesto Izquierdo

International Committee of the Red Cross

“Starmind is the most efficient way to leverage the intellectual capital of Swiss Sports. There is no better way for us to connect people across sports, expertise and organizations regardless of time and place.”

Nicole Gassmann

Swiss Olympic

"I remember a year ago, sometimes I would ask a question via email, and wait for months to get a reply... Now we have a system that helps us find answers in record times."

Ernesto Izquierdo

International Committee of the Red Cross

How communities use Starmind


Search trusted know-how from experts within the network

Gain in-depth access to combined human insights & experiences within your community, whether in the office, out in the field, or on the go.
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Create always-open channels where ideation & innovation can happen

Exchange human knowledge & inspiration within your network to easily create innovative solutions.
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Ensure everyone is up to speed, for every project, all the time

Search invaluable insights, experiences & best practices for the quickest self-led onboarding to any new team or project at any time.
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Build global customer communities to enhance customer experience

Up-scale and modernize your service & support by unlocking shared peer-to-peer insights within your customer or partner communities.

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Starmind for Communities

Unlock the power of your community and see how much more your organization can achieve with an intelligent AI platform that is backed by neuroscience and proven with communities around the world. From enterprise businesses to nonprofit organizations, we have built a smart & sustainable solution that makes looking for answers and sharing knowledge easy. At Starmind, we bring humans to the center of our technology -- a people-powered platform that focuses on communities making positive impacts in their own way, everyday.

Imagine the possibilities...

Imagine not having to wait weeks on an answer that impacts your ability to save a child’s life.

Imagine not reinventing the wheel every time when you already don’t have enough hours in the day to finish building, testing, and pitching life-changing products.

Imagine being able to offer your users & customers a community that grows in value with every interaction, automatically and dynamically, so they don’t want to leave.

Imagine being ahead of the curve and leveraging a platform that is continuously learning, just like your teachers and students should be.