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KM Podcast

Using AI to Find Experts and Get Questions Answered

Effective knowledge management enables organizations to improve their agility and make more impactful decisions. However, many still find it difficult to bridge the gap between employees and enable them to seamlessly share their expertise across the organization.

Leveraging an AI platform such as Starmind can quickly close this gap. In this podcast, Lauren Trees, Principal Research Lead at APQC, opens up an insightful discussion with Eric Storm, Vice President for North America at Starmind.

Eric discusses how Starmind’s platform captures the hidden knowledge of employees and then shares relevant information with members of the workforce who need it the most. Listen to this podcast to gain further insight on:

  • How the Starmind platform uses AI to route questions from employees to the people who are best suited to answer them.
  • The different benefits of intelligent automation and how it enables organizations to increase collaboration by leveraging the knowledge of experts.
  • The value of Starmind and how it allows organizations to build an effective knowledge management system to drive results and employee innovation.
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